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Fast Food

Zestie Veggie Burger

a crunchy veg burger loaded with patty, onion, tomato, cucumber, sauce and mayo


Tandoori Delight Burger

a flavorful delight with onion, tomato, cabbage, cucumber, tandoori sauce, patty and a touch of mayo


Cheesy Crunch Burger

a cheesy crunch burger with a savory patty, onion, tomato, cucumber, sauce, mayo and a melted cheese slice


Minty Delight Burger

savor the minty delight burger with its tantalizing blend of patty, onion, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, mint mayo and creamy mayo


Twin Crunch Burger

Indulge in the twin crunch burger featuring double patties, onion, tomato, cucumber, sauce, mayo, and a slice of cheese for a doubly delicious experience



Fresh Veggie Sandwich

experience the charm of the fresh veggie sandwich : mixed veggies, boiled potato, mayo, chili sauce all embraced by buttered bread slices


Tandoori Fusion Sandwich

indulge in the tandoori fusion sandwich: medley of mixed veggies, paneer, tandoori mayo, and hot sauce embraced by buttered bread slices


Paneer Corn Heaven Sandwich

introducing the paneer corn heaven sandwich: paneer, corn, assorted sauces, ketchup, mayo, cheese in buttered bread


Cheesy Corn Crunch Sandwich

discover the cheesy corn crunch sandwich: featuring corn, onion, sauces, ketchup, cheese slice, and mayo hugged by buttered bread for a savory crunch


Spinach Corn Fantasy Sandwich

introducing the spinach corn fantasy sandwich: a dreamy combination of spinach, corn, cheese, cheese slice and generous mayo all embraced by buttered bread for a delightful experience


Peri Peri Paneer Feast Sandwich

introducing the peri peri paneer feast sandwich: a feast for the senses with veggies, paneer, mayo, cheese and fiery peri peri sauce, all embraced by buttered bread for a tantalizing bite


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