Frequently Asked Questions

What is Menula?

Menula helps restaurants and cafes generate amazing contactless menus, which are integrated with powerful cloud-based POS application. Our goal is to replace those bulky POS machines, and old shabby-looking billing applications, with very thoughtfully designed, great looking mobile app (“Menula Partner”) where you can manage your entire restaurant process with ease.

Can I try Menula for free?

Yes. You can try Menula for free. Get yourself registered and start taking the orders within minutes.

How long does the menu take to be available online?

If you create it yourself, you should see it almost instantly after creating your 1st dish-item itself. If you ask us to create the menu for you, it's generally up within 24hrs.

How does the subscription work?

Checkout our Pricing page to know more.

How do I contact support for more information?

There are multiple support channels for us. You can chat with us via WhatsApp (+91-630-477-6879) or email us at

Why Menula?

Everything from -
  • tacking who placed the orders,
  • to who canceled a particular item and at what time,
  • to marking a particular item out-of-stock with just the click of a button,
  • to managing users without creating unnecessary email-passwords,
  • to improving your google search ranking,
  • and many more..
important day-to-day things can be done just from your phone.

Where can I create my menu after signing up?

You can go to the menu screen and start editing the menu, or if you are a new user, you can send your menu to us via WhatsApp (+91-630-477-6879) or Email Us, and we'll create the menu for you. The preferred format for the menu is in Excel or Word or any digital format where we can copy and paste the exact item details.

Can I cancel the plan at any time?

It will be a sad day for our team, and we would do whatever it takes to make you our happiest customer. But if you still insist, you can.